Brigitte Niedermair is an artist and image maker based in Europe.

Niedermair’s fresh take on formalism is a welcome voice to the recent overwhelming trend of casual, unstructured image making. Her vision represents an evolution of pictorial language merging vibrance, femininity and life into the charged minimalism of her large format lens. Every detail of Niedermair’s exquisite frames is considered both for its beauty as well as an added conceptual layer. She utilizes her female vantage point to stretch out the conventional limits and biases of the fashion, and more generally contemporary culture’s image system. Her photographs consciously amplify and counter-argue with the embedded subtexts of gender and identity, activating the whole physical form of her subjects, transforming them into the material expression of the body as a language, framed by but independent from fashion. Niedermair’s women embody an “attitude of resistance” towards the camera, intentionally at odds with typically compliant fashion archetypes.

Clients such as Dior, Max Mara, Cartier, Van Cleef and Chaumet; and included in publications CR Fashion Book, Dior Magazine, W Magazine, Vogue Italia and many more.

Her work has been the subject of international exhibitions, including the monographs Somewhere, Stadtgalerien Schwaz (2007); Madame Hirsch, Museion, Bolzano (2009); Holy Cow, Foto-Forum, Bolzano (2009); Sister, Galica Gallery, Milan (2009); Let’s Get Married, A38 Cultural Center, Budapest (2011); Horizon, Transition_Giorgio Morandi ⁄ Are you still there, MAMbo – Museo Morandi, Bologna (2015); Screenshot (with Martino Gamper), One Poultry ⁄ Wallpaper *, London (2017); Transition, Palazzo Borromeo, Milan (2017), Eccehomo, Castel Tirolo, (2018). Her works belong to private collections, museums and public institutions in Italy and abroad.